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Record type: Timeline year

Artist time line: Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]

Year: 1883

Subject age: 35 years old

United States—Massachusetts—Boston

World news:

Local news:

– Emil is listed in the The United States Art Directory and Year-Book (1882) as teaching at the Art Students’ Club, Boston classes in life (draped model) and still life. The class met four-days per week in the winter.
– Emil met one of his long-time students, Katherine Langdon Corson [1869-1925], possibly at the Art Student’s Club or Wellesley College were he taught.
– Carlsen teaches at the newly formed Cowles Art School where he taught still-life and flower painting.
– Emil showed at  several exhibitions in this year, including: The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Boston Art Club, and the American Art Galleries (New York).
– In the exhibition catalogs, Emil is listed as living at 3 Tremont Row (18) and specializing in still-life.
– Blakeslee, originally from Massachusetts traveled from New York city to visit Carlsen in his studio in Boston. While there, he struck a deal with Carlsen to send him to Paris to paint floral still-lifes. Blakeslee would guarantee the purchase of one painting a month if Carlsen painted the works in Paris. Blakeslee had clients who wanted European paintings in America. Carlsen accepted the offer and left for Paris in 1885. Emil would signed many of the canvases from this time as ‘EMIL CARLSEN- PARIS-’ to perhaps drive home to the American buyer that the painting was from the city of lights.


Exhibitions: (5)
1883 American Art Galleries, Madison Square, New York, NY, “Exhibition by Boston artists“, January 13.
1883 Boston Art Club, Boston, MA, “Twenty-seventh exhibition of oil paintings“, January 25 – February 17.
1883 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, “Fourth annual exhibition of contemporary American art“, October 16 – November 27.
1883 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA, “Fifty-fourth annual exhibition of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts“, October 29 – December 8.
1883 American Art Galleries, Madison Square, New York, NY, “The private collection of paintings by exclusively American artists owned by Thomas B. Clarke of New York“, December 28, 1883 – January 12, 1884.

Articles: (4)
– Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, IL, “Mr  J. H. Dole’s collection of paintings a very fine one”, June 10, 1883, page 17, not illustrated.
– The New York Times, New York, NY, “The exhibition by Boston artists”, Saturday, January 13, 1883, page 5, not illustrated.
– Wellesley College. The President’s Report to the Board of Trustees, for the Year Ending June 19, 1883.- Supplementary Report: At the Opening of the College Year, 1883-’84 by Alice E. Freeman, Boston, MA, 1883, page 10-11, not illustrated.
– “Ad for Cowles Art School from Exhibition Catalog ca.1883.”

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