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Artist time line: Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]

Year: 1886

Subject age: 38 years old

United States—Massachusetts—Boston
United States—Massachusetts—Goucester
United States—New York—New York

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– To make ends meet in Paris, in addition to florals, Carlsen would paint still-lifes of fish and game, selling them to other gallery owners and private collectors to supplement his income.
– Tiring of painting floral works for Blakeslee after about two years, in about October of 1886, Carlsen returned to New York City with new influences from Paris—a lighter Impressionist palette, which he would intermittently test in the coming years.
– December of 1886, Emil worked with the hunting and animal painter, Alexander Pope (1849-1924) on a large collaborative painting showing hounds who lost a fox in a hole at the edge of the woods.
– Calling Out the Hounds was shown in Boston and hung in The Boston Tavern and the Hurlburts Hotel, Boston where it is now unlocated. Emil was responsible for the pine forest in the composition and was praised but thought not to have been as good as Pope’s part of the painting.

Paintings: (8)
– Still life with flowers and violin, 1886.
– Woman feeding chickens, 1886.
– Calling out the hounds, 1886.
– Arranging flowers, 1886.
– Haddock, 1886.
– Still life with red urn and asian figurines, 1886.
– Peonies, 1886.
– Six peacocks, ca.1886.

Exhibitions: (6)
1886 Paint and Clay Club, Boston, MA, “Spring exhibition”, 1886. Shown A girl preparing poultry, 1884/1885, sold for $1,000.
1886 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, “Sixth annual exhibition of contemporary art”, 1886. Shown Young girl preparing poultry (15), 1883 (68×31).
1886 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, “Loan exhibition“, 1886.  Shown Une plumese.
1886 San Francisco Art Association, San Francisco, CA, “Spring exhibition”, April 27 – May 22,  Shown Spring onions (#42).
1886 Art Gallery of the Southern Exposition, Louisville, KY, “Southern exposition”, August 28 – October 23. Shown Young girl preparing poultry.
1886 National Academy of Design, New York, NY, “61st annual exhibition”, November 2 – December 28.

Articles: (4)
– Daily Evening Transcript, Boston, MA, “Calling out the hounds”, December 7, 1886, section 5:7.
– Daily Evening Transcript, Boston, MA, “Art notes : calling out the hounds”, December 2, 1886, section 6, page 3.
– Daily Evening Transcript, Boston, MA, “Art notes : among the studios”, October 2, 1886, 6:3 and 6:4.
– The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY, “Exposition art gallery“, Saturday, August 7, 1886, page 6, not illustrated.

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