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Emil Carlsen : Sailor’s wife, 1876.

Emil Carlsen Sailor's Wife, 1876
Emil Carlsen Sailor’s Wife, 1876


ECA Record Control Number: 3512

Archives of American Art #: -none-

Record Level: Item

Record Type: Movable Work

Work Title: Sailor’s Wife

Alternate Work Titles:
1876: Northern Star [from attached poem on verso of painting]

Work Date: 1876

Work Creator: Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]

Work Medium: Oil on canvas
Work Dimensions: 15 x 26 inches

Inscribed/Signed Front:
Location: At lower left.
Dated: Yes.
Text: ‘S. Emile Carlsen ’76’.

Marking: Verso label
Location: unknown.
Description: [Vose Gallery label]
Text: unknown.

Marking: Paper label over loose paper
Location: verso.
Description: Handwritten poem on an old paper label adhered to protective cardboard backing
Text: The “Northern Star” / Sailed o’er the bar / Bound for the Baltic sea. / O, the morning gray / When she sailed away / Was a weary day for me.

ECA Category: People
ECA Sub-Category: Genre

Archives of American Art Subjects:
Figure female
Figure female — Full length
Landscape — Beach
Waterscape — Boat

Description of Work:
Horizontal composition of a woman with walking stick on a beach bluff overlooking a sea with sailboat on a cloudy horizon with three white flying birds. In the foreground of the painting is a brown toned beach with scrub grass and lighter brown toned beach. In the mid-ground of the painting is a woman with her back to the viewer in a dark red full length coat with a walking stick (maybe a seaweed rack) with a white hat to the left center of the canvas. The horizon line if just above the vertical center of the canvas. The background is a brown-toned sea with three white flying birds to the right of the canvas and a small white sailed boat on the horizon. The background sky is toned a grey-brown-green with heavy dark cloud base. [ECA]

2009 Heritage Auctions, Inc. [1976- ], 17th Floor, 3500 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75219
before 2008 Private collection judge Paul H. Buchanan, Jr. [1918-2008], Indianapolis, IN
after 1876 Vose Galleries [1841- ], 238 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116
1876 Emil Carlsen [1848-1932], the artist

Exhibition History:
2009 Heritage Auction Galleries, Dallas, TX, “Sale”, June 10.

– “Sailor’s Wife.” Wikioo.org. Updated unknown. Accessed October 11, 2016. http://wikioo.org/ko/paintings.php?refarticle=8YDSMT&titlepainting=Sailor%27s%20Wife&artistname=Soren%20Emil%20Carlsen
– Heritage Auction Galleries, Dallas, TX, Sale Catalog, “Sale”, June 10, 2009, lot# 77022.

Related Works:
– Signal To The Bathers, ca.1874 [similar horizontal composition of figures with ship in the distance and close date]

ECA Notes:

Price History:
2009 – $10,760 USD


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