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Emil Carlsen : Still life with netsuki [sic], ca.1890.

Emil Carlsen : Still life with netsuki, ca.1890.
Emil Carlsen : Still life with netsuki, ca.1890.


ECA Record Control Number: 6032

Archives of American Art #: -none-

Record Level: Item

Record Type: Movable Work

Work Title: Still life with netsuki

Alternate Work Titles:
Still life with netsuki

Work Date: ca.1890 [date based on style of composition]

Work Creator: Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]

Work Medium: Oil on panel
Work Dimensions: 6-1/2 x 5-1/4 inches

Inscribed/Signed Front:
Location: At upper right edge.
Dated: No.
Text: ‘Emil Carlsen’.

Verso: unknown

ECA Category: Still Life
ECA Sub-Category: Asian

Archives of American Art Subjects:
Still Life
Still Life — Other
Still Life — Other — Orientalia
Ethnic — Chinese

Description of Work:

ca.1978 Private collection of [unknown] ;
ca.1978 ( Robert M. Rice Gallery [ca.1975-ca.1982], [ca.1978-ca.1982] 2010 South Post Oak Road, Houston, TX 77056 | [ca.1975-ca.1977] 2734 Virginia Street, Houston, TX 77098 ) ;
ca.1890 Private collection of [unknown] ;
ca.1890 Emil Carlsen [1848-1932], the artist .

Exhibition History:
1978 Robert Rice Gallery, Houston, TX, “Robert Rice Gallery presents Emil Carlsen” also called “Paintings by american impressionist Emil Carlsen 1853-1932″, ? – November.

– Robert Rice Gallery, Houston, TX, exhibition catalog, “Robert Rice Gallery presents Emil Carlsen” also called “Paintings by american impressionist Emil Carlsen 1853-1932″, ? – November, 1978, unnumbered, illustrated: b&w.

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ECA Notes:

– This maybe the work referred to in a letter from August Bontoux to Claude Buck, a former pupil, where Emil Carlsen recounts a story behind the painting of this type: “…a visitor in later years mentioned to Carlsen that he had been offered by a dealer a beautiful still life of his with a bluish vase and a little mannequin in the corner—it was very small, measuring about four by seven inches, and the price was $700. “Oh yes,” said Carlsen, “I used to paint those in the days when we had but 15¢ for our meals and glad to have the 15¢. I used to paint those things for $5.00 a piece and told the people they could come around in the afternoon to call for them.”

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