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January 1, 1889

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Artist time line: Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]

Year: 1889

Subject age: 41 years old

United States—New York—New York
United States—California—San Francisco

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– In around 1889 Carlsen came back to San Francisco because he received a private commission to do decorative work in the residence of William H. Crocker which included designs for the ceilings, walls, and stained glass, as well as advice on the selection of furniture.  Unfortunately no images of the work can be located and the home was destroyed in the famous earthquake a few years later.
– During this time in San Francisco, Emil also took up teaching at the Art Student’s League.  He taught alongside fellow artist and studio mate Arthur Mathews (1860-1945) and they shared a studio at in San Rafael and then at 728 Montgomery Street across from his old school where Carlsen would teach privately.
– Emil did make intermittent trips to the East and beyond while living in California.  He visited Vermont in 1890 where he produced several studies and paintings, if the titles of the paintings are correct.  This would be the first known trip to Vermont and may have paved the way for Carlsen to vacation in Maine for extended periods at a time.  Carlsen may have also taken a trip to Paris as there is a painting from this time marked Paris.

Paintings: (7)
Still life of copper and brass, ca.1889.
Still life with onions, 1889.
Still life with green tea pot, ca.1889.
Still life with jug, ca.1889.
Still life [with goose], 1889.
Still life, ca.1889.
Still life of copper and brass, 1889.

Exhibitions: (5)
1889 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, “Works of art exhibited on the second floor”, Winter, 1888-1889.
1889 Society of American Artists, New York, NY, “Eleventh annual exhibition”, May 13 – June 25. Shown “Still life of copper and brass”
1889 Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, “Second annual exhibition of American oil paintings“, May 30 – June 30.
1889 San Francisco Art Association, San Francisco, CA, “On view”, unknown date. Shown “Still life, 1889”
1889 National Academy of Design, New York, NY, “64th annual exhibition”, November 19 – December 15.

Articles: (2)
– San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, CA, “Art and artists”, August 26, 1889, page 6.
– San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, CA, “Art and artists”, August 11, 1889, page 12.

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