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American Art News, “Engineers’ Club Exhibit.”, May 1, 1909, Volume 7, Number 29, Page 6

May 1, 1909


American Art News, "Engineers' Club Exhibit.", May 1, 1909, Volume 7, Number 29, Page 6

American Art News, “Engineers’ Club Exhibit.”, May 1, 1909, Volume 7, Number 29, Page 6


Engineers’ Club Exhibit.

An unusually interesting loan collection of thirty-nine paintings by American artists is now on exhibition at the Engineers’ Club, No. 32 West 40th Street, to remain open until May 3. The pictures are chiefly landscapes. Dr. Alexander C. Humphreys loans Blakelock’s “Early Evening,” and “The Pow-Wow,” also by Blakelock, is loaned by Wm. T. Evans. “Venice Sunset,” by Wm. Gedney Bunce, and “The South Strand,” by Emil Carlsen, also loaned by Mr. Evans, are both characteristic. “Sullen Cliff and Brooding Sea,” by Paul Dougherty, is realistic, and his “Gold and Gloom” has a rich sky. Arthur B. David is represented by his romantic and beautiful “Hunter of the Starlands,” loaned by Mr. Wm. Macbeth, and Chas. H. Davis by “Wind-Swept Fields,” loaned by Mr. J. R. Andrews.

“The Last Load,” by Henry G. Dearth, is loaned by the Bauer-Folsom Co. “The Brook,” by the same artist, is brilliant in color. “The Hunter’s Moon” and “Hauling the Winter’s Wood” well represent the Lotos Club loans “Sunset-Saco Bay,” by Winslow Homer. “Pine Woods,” by Wm. Morris Hunt, is loaned by Mr. Jas. G. Shepherd, and George Inness’ “Sunshine and Clouds” by Mr. Evans.

There are three beautiful examples of Homer D. Martin, “The Lone Tree,” loaned by Mr. Evans; “Autumn on the Susquenhanna,” rich and soft in tone, loaned by Dr. Humphreys, and “The Haunted House,” loaned by Dr. D. M. Stimson. “After-Glow-October,” by J. Francis Murphy, is beautiful and warm in color. “A Day in June,” by F. Ballard Williams, is romantic. A. H. Wayant is represented by “Morning at Neversink” and “The Dawn,” Wyatt Eaton by “Adriadne,” and J. Alden Weir by “Lenthening Shadows.”

Mr. Evans loans also Albert P. Ryder’s beautiful little “With Sloping Mast and Dipping Prow” and “An Autumn Evening,” by D. W. Tryon. Mr. Hermann Schaus loans “On the Passaic,” by Julian Rix, and “The Big Sand Dune,” by Wm. Sartain, is loaned by Mr. Macbeth. Feo. De Forest Brush is represented by “Girl’s Head,” and Geo. Fuller by “Ideal Head.”

Other pictures are: “Clearing Off,” by Charlotte B. Coman; “Forest of Latmos,” by Elliott Daingerfield; “The Old Mill,” by Ben Foster; “Moonlight on the Hackensack,” by Albert L. Groll; “Winter’s Evening, Old Lyme,” W. H. Howe; “Clearing Fires,” by H. W. Ranger; “The Frozen Brook,” by J. H. Twachtman; “Girl Feeding Turkeys,” by Horatio Walker, and “The Apprentice,” by Chas. W. Hawthorne.



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