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Carl Christian Edvard Otto Carlsen [1855-1917]

January 1, 1855

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Name: Carl Christian Edvard Otto Carlsen

AKA: Carl Carlsen

Death: 1917

City: Copenhagen
State: Denmark
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Gender: Male

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Genre and landscape painter, Carl Christian Edvard Otto Carlsen (aka: Carl Carlsen), was born February 28, 1855 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  He was baptized three months later in May 13, 1855 at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Copenhagen.  Carl was the youngest of three brothers [Emil Carlsen [1848-1932] and Janus Michael Carlsen [1843-1917]] born to upper-middle class grocer, Carl Adolph Junius Carlsen [1815-?] and housewife and hobbyist floral painter, Anna Dorthea Raae [1813-1887].

Carl was to follow in his older brother Emil’s footsteps and began to pursue painting at age eighteen.  Like his brother, Carl was originally to pursue a trade but left to explore his love of painting.  He trained at The Royal Academy of Arts, Copenhagen under Frederik Ferdinand Helsted [1807-1875] and Christian Vilhelm Nielsen [1833-1910] beginning in January, 1874, but switched to the Model School in June, 1876.  He returned to The Royal Academy in January, 1879 to take drawing classes. By 1880, Carl was living with his parents and was listed as a painter.  In 1882-1883, Carl traveled to Paris, France to further his artistic study.  He may have also learned and worked alongside his cousin, the famous Danish marine painter, Viggo Johansen [1851-1935].

On January 24, 1885 Carlsen married Michala Kirstine Velfy Schiøtz [1861-1912], the daughter of a Copenhagen telegraph assistant.  The two divorced and his ex-wife remarried.

Carl Carlsen painted throughout Denmark.  He was known for his genre pictures, interiors, and landscapes, many with a social message.  His painting, Slighted displayed in 1894 in London at Messrs. Gladwell Brothers gallery created a sensation as reported by The City Press as recounted in the magazine Artists and Journal of Home Culture,

…”There is at this moment being exhibited at Messrs. Gladwell’s shop, at the corner of Cheapside and Queen Street, a most exceptional and striking production of the painter’s art.  It is a very fine painting, about 45 in. by 35 in., by the famous Danish painter, Carl Carlsen, and is entitled ‘Slighted.’  All day yesterday it attracted crowds of people, so completely blocking traffic indeed as to require a constable being specifically stationed there to bid the eager spectators ‘move on, please.’  This it might well do, the subject being so extremely sympathetic.  In a luxuriously appointed drawing-room a lighted lamp stands on a small central table, which also contains the fragments of dessert recently enjoyed by more than one ; whilst now, the only occupant is a richly-clad lady kneeling at the sofa’s side with face buried in her hands, betokening intense gried.  The lamp has a brilliantly red shade over it, and the reflection of the colour on everything in the room is so marvelous as to give the picture the appearance of absolute reality.  The lamp itself, moreover, is reflected in a mirror, producing a most enchanting effect.  The heart-stricken lady is attired in a cream-coloured satin evening dress trimmed with lace most exquisitely portrayed, and the combination of colours, so charmingly lighted up, is most clever.”…

The artist exhibited at Charlottenborgs Forårsudstilling, one of the finest Danish exhibitions of that era in 1878-81, 1883-87, 1889, 1891-98, 1902 and 1904.  He showed at the Artists’ Association in 1882 and the Nerd. Kunstudst., Copenhagen in 1883 and 1888, as well as Raadhusudst., Cph. in 1901.  In addition, he exhibited in his later years landscapes with the Hellebæk gallery.

According to a census, by 1916, Carl was living in a nursing home and died May 29, 1917 at age 62 within the parish of Aldersro of Copenhagen, Denmark.  He was later buried at Frederiksberg gl. Cemetery in Copenhagen on June 6, 1917.

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