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Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, IL, “Unique Sale of 125 Paintings By Leading American Artists”, March 5, 1916, page 12, not illustrated

March 5, 1916

ECA Record Control Number: 16635

Record Level: Reference

Record Type: Newspaper

Article Type: Ad

Key Title: Unique Sale of 125 Paintings By Leading American Artists

Sub Title: Works of Art by These and Other Men Will Be Sold by J. W. Young for What They Will Bring

Language: English

Author: J. W. Young Galleries

Publisher: Chicago Daily Tribune
Publish Location: Chicago, IL

Date of Publication: March 5, 1916

Page: 12

Source: Newspapers.com paid subscription

Description: Ad for sale of works of art from J. W. Young Galleries, Chicago, IL

Aldrich, George Ames, 1872-1941
Aldridge, Frederick James, 1850-1933
Alten, Mathias Joseph, 1871-1938
Beard, James Henry, 1811-1893
Beard, William Holbrook, 1824-1900
Berg, Hans Johan Frederick, 1813-1874
Bicknell, Frank Alfred, 1866-1943
Blakelock, Marian, 1880-1930
Bortoluzzi, Camillo, 1868-1933
Braun, Louis (Ludwig), 1836-1916
Browne, Matilda (Van Wyck), 1869-1947
Bryant, Everett Lloyd, 1864-1945
Buehr, Karl Albert, 1866-1952
Bundy, John Elwood, 1853-1933
Calusd, Carl (Charles), 1860-1936
Cameron, Edgar Spier, 1862-1944
Carlsen, Emil, 1852-1932
Chase, William Merritt, 1849-1916
Clark, Alson Skinner, 1876-1949
Clark, Elsie Whitmore Southwick, 1881-1934
Cornoyer, Paul, 1864-1923
Franklin De Haven, 1856-1934
Dennis, James M, 1840-1918
Derrick, William Rowell, 1857-1941
Dixon, Charles Edward, 1872-1934
Drew, George W, 1875-1968
Eaton, Charles Warren, 1857-1937
Emerson, William C, 1865-1937
English, Frank F, 1854-1922
Ertz, Bruno, 1873-1956
Feudel, Arthur, 1857-1929
Flavelle, George H, 1868-1945
Forbes, Leyton, 1900-1925
Gilchrist, Meda M, 1888-1953
Girardin, Frank Joseph, 1856-1945
Marie Henrietta Osthaus Griffith, 1855-1927
Hagerup, Nels R, 1864-1922
Helleu, Paul-Cesar, 1859-1927
Henshaw, Glenn (Glen) Cooper, 1880-1946
House, Howard Elmer, 1877-1969
Irvine, Wilson Henry, 1869-1936
Jansson, Alfred, 1863-1931
Jean, E
Kitchell, Hudson Mindell, 1862-1944
Krafft, Carl Rudolph, 1884-1938
Leenders, Willem J
Mastro-Valerio, Alessandro, 1887-1953
Meyer, Jacob, 1895-1971
Mitchill, Neil Reed, 1858-1934
Onderdonk, Julian (Robert Julian), 1882-1922
Petri, Friedrich Richard, 1824-1857
Peyraud, Frank Charles, 1858-1948
Potthast, Edward Henry, 1857-1927
Ritschel, William (Wilhelm) Frederick, 1865-1949
Roberti, M
Schille, Alice, 1869-1955
Schultz, George F, 1869-1934
Schmalhaus, Karl
Schmidt, Albert Herman, 1885-1957
Schneller, P T
Schultz, George F, 1869-1934
Smith, Charles L A, 1871-1937
Svendsen, Svend Rasmussen, 1864-1945
Vincent, Harry Aiken, 1864-1931
Waugh, Frederick Judd, 1861-1940
Wehrle, Fred J, 1889-1974

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Digitized: Yes


Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, IL, "Unique Sale of 125 Paintings By Leading American Artists", March 5, 1916, page 12, not illustrated

Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, IL, “Unique Sale of 125 Paintings By Leading American Artists”, March 5, 1916, page 12, not illustrated


…”Emil Carlsen, N. A.
In Emil Carlsen we have another great master of painting. There is such consummate beauty in his still life paintings that, if he had painted nothing else, they would give him a great place in the world of art. He is represented in nearly every important museum in our country.

Ripe and Ready, in this collection, has in it wonderful simplicity. He has used a yellow pumpkin and a green Hubbard squash, broken open in show the golden meat, to produce a picture that speaks for him as a great painter.”…

…”Carlsen, Emil, N. A.
27. Ripe and Ready…$400″…



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