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Daily Alta California, San Francisco, CA, “Canvas and color : Opening of the Art Association spring Exhibition”, April 23, 1890, volume 82, number 113, not illustrated

April 23, 1890

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Key Title: Canvas and color

Sub Title: Opening of the Art Association spring Exhibition

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Publisher: Daily Alta California
Publish Location: San Francisco, CA

Date of Publication: April 23, 1890

Page: volume 82, number 113, not illustrated

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Carlsen, Emil, 1848-1932.

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Daily Alta California, San Francisco, CA, "Canvas and color : Opening of the Art Association spring Exhibition", April 23, 1890, volume 82, number 113, not illustrated.

Daily Alta California, San Francisco, CA, “Canvas and color : Opening of the Art Association spring Exhibition”, April 23, 1890, volume 82, number 113, not illustrated.


Canvas and color.

Opening of the Art Association Spring Exhibition.

Some paintings of merit.

A large number of people crowd the art rooms and admire the contributions of our local artists.

Over 600 lovers of art were present at the opening last evening of the Spring Exhibition of the San Francisco Art Association at the rooms on Pine street. Their expectations of seeing some really good work were not disappointed, as the exhibit is certainly the best that has been made here in many years. Local artists have evidently exerted themselves to do their best, as the canvases displayed fully testified. Altogether there are 126 pictures, hung with a care which places the hanging committee a notch higher than its predecessors.

The exercises last night were wholly impromptu and did not begin before 9 o’clock. D. P. Belknap, President of the Association, Joseph D. Redding, George H. Hopps, E. E. Potter, J. R. Martin, Henry Heyman, Louis Sloss Jr., and other Directors and officers occupied seats on the platform in the class room. After a few remarks by the President, that gentleman read a long letter from David Neal, the well-known artist, which is quite flattering to the pride of the local talent. After expressing his regret at being absent, Mr. Neal, comparing the art school here with others he has visited says:

Not only did I find your studies in color remarkably strong, but I was particularly struck with the unusual excellence of the drawings from life, which appeared fully up to, where not even better than, the average production one sees at the leading academies of Europe.

The reading of this epistle was received with applause, which was increased when Joseph D. Redding made one of his characteristic witty speeches. Madame Thea Sanderini sang Bohm’s Ich Liebe Dich, and, for an encore, Sullivan’s It Was a Dream, Professor Gortatowski being the accompanist. Professor F. S. Gutterson followed on the cello with a nocturne, by Goltemann, which was well received.

After this the audience dispersed to view the pictures, whose several excellences were well brought out by the strong light thrown upon them.

Occupying a place where it compels attention is the Old Sailors, by Lee Lash. It is a canvas containing ten life-size figures, each of which shows careful study on the part of the artist. It is a strong character piece, and were it not for its size might soon find a hanging place elsewhere. Perhaps, however, one of the best, if not the best life study in the room, is Whistling Boy, by J. Frank Currier, a Munich artist, under whom its present possessor, Miss Eva Withrow, studied. So realistic is this picture that one involuntarily turns to catch the air the boy is whistling. Miss Withrow has also three of her own efforts on exhibition, all portraits. Narjot has two large studies, Fidelia and Reverie, both very conspicuously placed. This artist has several other pictures on exhibition. Among other noticeable pieces are Abel, by A. F. Matthews; The Old Legend, by C. R. Peters, and L’Andalouse, a life study, by A. Jouillin. The other contributors of oil paintings are: R. D. Yelland, Miss R. F. Lewis, M. E. Lauden, May Goodell, A. C. Rodriquez, Dama Neal, Miss Alice Vinzent, W. A. Coulter, J. B. Wandesforde, Annie L. Harmon, Alice B. Chittenden, S. J. Norton, J. A. Harrington, William Keith, Arthur Mattews, Edith White, Miss G. Timkens, Alfredo Bolognese, H. Schnabel, Mrs. M. E. Lauden (Paris), Emil Carlsen, Robert H. Fletcher, Charles J. Carlsen, J. O. Davidson (New York), Mrs. H. A. Berteau, Josephine Edwards, M. Downing, R. Schmid, Albert Winert, Thomas Hill, Susie F. Lockwood and J. Sold.

In the water-color department Come Along, representing a small boy engaged in a wild attempt to drag along a big calf, is probably among the best. It is from the easel of C. Jorgensen. Stanley Inchbold’s Early Morning on the Bay is an admirable effort. Other water-color contributors are: Stravos Homere, William Keith, Mrs. C. Jorgensen, Chris Jorgensen, Miss M. Eggeas, Miss Stella Austin, Alice B. Chittenden, Mira M. Mahoney, Oscar Kunath, Mrs. M. E. Kelley, J. Sala, Arthur F. Matthews, L. Chambant, A. Wolffers, Alfredo Bolognese, Jennie Hobbs, Helen T. Bacon, Annie Root, Mrs. F. E. Monteverde.

Among the visitors who were present last evening were seen the following:
Miss Alice Chittenden, Dr. H. S. Roberts, P. B. Cornwall and Mrs. Cornwall, Louis Sloss, D. P. Belknap, Mrs. Michener and Miss Michener, Henry Heyman, Coll Deane, W. E. Deane, Mrs. Meinecke and Miss Meinecke, E. P. Murphy, Edward Naughton, L. S. B. Sawyer and Mrs. Sawyer, Miss Eva Withrow, Mr. and Mrs. Beyfuss, S. C. Bigelow, Mrs. Bigelow, Edwin Bonnell and Mrs. Bonnell, Miss Ray, Mrs. C. A. Castner, Miss Castner, J. C. Cebrin, Alex J. Coney and Mrs. Coney, W. A. Coulter, W. Curlett, Miss Josie Leszynsky, Miss Emma Hopps, Miss May Hopps, Miss Nettie Hopps, Irving M. Scott, Frank M. Pixley, M. H. De Young, Mrs. De Young, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Low, Mr. and Mrs. William Alvord, J. B. F. Davis and Miss Davis, Colonel A. G. Hawes, General Walter Turnbull, Joe Redding, George Redding, Miss Narjot, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lash, Misses Lash, Mrs. A. E. Davis, Downey Harvey, Mrs. Annie Donahue, Mrs. E. Martin, George D. Dorwin, Frank J. Sullivan, Mrs. James Phelan, Dr. Rosenstirn, Madame Thea Sanderini, Professor Gortatowski.”



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