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Emil Carlsen : Moonlight on Niagara, ca.1912.

January 1, 1912
Emil Carlsen : Moonlight on Niagara, ca.1912.


[pictures of verso withheld]

ECA record control number: 2917

Archives of American Art #: 83940013

Record level: Item

Record type: Movable work

Work title: Moonlight on Niagara

Alternate work titles:
2017: Moonlight on Niagara  [from online auction catalog.]
1975: Moonlight on Niagara  [from exhibition catalog.]

Work date: ca.1912  [dated based on documented date via a newspaper that Carlsen spent at Niagara.]

Work creator: Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]

Work medium: Oil on canvas
Work dimensions: 14-1/2 x 14 inches | 15 x 15 inches | 14-1/4 x 14-1/4 inches

Inscribed/signed front: Unsigned.


Marking type: Rectangular horizontal white gallery label with printed logo and printed and typed in black description.
Location: Upper middle-left wood frame verso.
Text: ‘Fine / Arts / Gallery / of San Diego [logo to the left of description block] / Exhibition: [printed with line below] Emil Carlsen [typed] / [blank printed line below] / Date: [printed with line below] Aug 23 – Oct 12, 1975 [typed] / Lender: [printed with line below] Mr. and Mrs. Gunnar [typed] / Anderson [typed with line printed below]’.

Marking type: Horzontal rectangular white identification label with printed text.
Location: Upper middle wood frame verso.

Marking type: Rectangular horizontal white auction inventory tracking label with black print and UPC tracking bar code.
Location: Upper middle-right wood frame verso.
Text: ‘10246878030006 / [UPC tracking bar code] / 24687803.PIC-AMP.6.SF.ron / SALE – AMP17111NY’.

Marking type: Rubber block stamp printed in red ink with handwritting in black grease pencil.
Location: Upper middle canvas stretcher verso.
Text: ‘WR [stylized letters/insignia left of the entire block of text] / WORTSMAN ROWE INC. / Paintings Acquired From / MRS. DINES CARLSEN / FALLS VILLAGE, CONN. / EMIL AND DINES CARLSEN / NUMBER / E – 159 [handwritten]’.

Marking type: Horizontal rectangular white gallery label with black print and handwritten descriptions in blue ball point pen.
Location: At upper left canvas stretcher verso.
Text: ‘WORTSMAN / WR [stylized logo] / ROWE GALLERIES INC. / 575 Sutter Street · San Francisco, California 94102 · (415) 433-1576 / TITLE [printed] MOONLIGHT ON THE WATER [above the word water is written] NIAGARA / ARTIST [printed] EMIL CARLSEN [handwritten] / MEDIUM [printed] OIL ON CANVAS [handwritten] SIZE [printed] 14-1/2 x 14 [handwritten] / NO. [printed] E – 159 [handwritten] DATE [printed] CAT # PRICE [printed] [scribbled out number 16] 19 [handwritten]’.

Marking type: Handwritten text in black pencil.
Location: Upper right canvas stretcher verso.
Text: ‘CAT # [scribbled out number 16] 19’.

Marking type: Horizontal rectangular white label with handwritting in pencil or ball point pen.
Location: Lower left wood frame verso.
Text: ‘PAUL’.

ECA category: Waterscapes
ECA sub-category: Falls

Archives of American Art Subjects:
Landscape — Rocks
Landscape — Time — Night
Landscape — Waterfall
Landscape — Waterfall — Niagara Falls

Description of work:

2017 Private collection of [unknown] ;
2017 ( Bonhams [1793- ], 580 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022 | 220 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco, CA 94103 ) ;
ca.2011 Private collection of [unknown], Sonoma, CA ;
ca.1975 Private collection of Gunnar A Anderson [1915-2008] and Lucille K (Kindlund) Anderson [1921-2011], Chicago, IL ;
1975 ( Wortsman/Rowe Fine Arts, Inc. [1972-1975], 516 Sutter Street, San Francisco, California 94102 ) ;
1975 Estate of Florence B. G. S. Carlsen [1903-1974], Falls Village, CT, the artist’s daughter-in-law ;
1966 Private collection of Florence B. G. S. Carlsen [1903-1974], Falls Village, CT, the artist’s daughter-in-law ;
before 1966 Estate of Dines Carlsen [1901-1966], Falls Village, CT, the artist’s son ;
1932 Private collection of Luella May (Ruby) Carlsen [c.1869-before 1966], New York, NY, the artist’s wife ;
ca.1912 Emil Carlsen [1848-1932], the artist .

Exhibition history:
2017 Bonhams [1793- ], New York, NY, “American art”, November 20.
1975 Wortsman Rowe Galleries, San Francisco, CA, “The Art of Emil Carlsen: 1853-1932“, January 10-February 21; Rubicon Gallery, Los Altos, CA, January 17-February 28; The El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, TX, March 2-March 30; Robert Rice Gallery, Houston, TX, April 10-May; Coe Kerr Gallery, New York, NY, June-July; The Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, San Diego, CA, August 20-October 10; The Norton Gallery of Art, West Palm Beach, FL, November-December.

– Bonhams [1793- ], New York, NY, “American art”, November 20, 2017, lot #65, illustrated: color on the online catalog.
– “Soren Emil Carlsen: The Hammershoi of Manhattan” by Kim Lykke Jensen, Narayana Press, Gylling, Denmark, 2008, illustrated: color, page 63, figure 45.
– Rubicon-Wortsman Pub., San Francisco, CA, exhibition catalog, ”Art of Emil Carlsen: 1853-1932”, 1975, #19, illustrated: b&w.

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ECA notes:
– CONDITION REPORT 2017: Lined using wax as an adhesive and tacked to modern stretchers. Appears to be frame abrasion along the extreme outer edges. Under UV light there appear to be a few small spots of inpaint along the outer edges, likely to address frame abrasion, and a few pinpoint specks scattered throughout.

Price history:
2017 – $5,630 USD  [auction]


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