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Emil Carlsen : Still life, ca.1903.

January 1, 1903
Emil Carlsen : Still life, ca.1903.

ECA record control number: 1287

Archives of American Art #: 23570031

Record level: Item

Record type: Movable work

Work title: Still life

Alternate work titles:

Work date: ca.1903  [date comes from the museum website.]

Work creator: Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]

Work medium: Oil on canvas
Work dimensions: 14-7/8 x 17-7/8 inches

Inscribed/signed front:
Location: At lower right.
Dated: No.
Text: ‘Emil. Carlsen.’.

Verso: unknown

ECA category: Still life
ECA sub-category: Grey

Archives of American Art subjects:
Object — Vegetable
Object — Vegetable — Onion
Still Life
Still Life — Other
Still Life — Other — Container
Still Life — Other — Cookware

Description of work:

1914 ( Worcester Art Museum, 55 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA 01609  (Accession #1914.20) ) ;
1911 ( Macbeth Gallery, The [1892-1953], [1935-1953] 11 East Fifty-seventh Street | [1924-1934] 15 East Fifty-seventh Street | [1906-1923] 450 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY | [1892-1905] 237 Fifth Avenue in New York, NY ) ;
ca.1903 Emil Carlsen [1848-1932], the artist .

Exhibition history:
1985 Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn, NY, “American artists abroad : the European experience in the nineteenth century”, June 2 – September 2.
1981 Philbrook Art Center, Tulsa, OK, “Painters of the humble truth : masterpieces of American still life 1801-1939″, September 27 – November 8.
1969 Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA, “Art in America, 1830-1950 : paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture from the collection of the Worcester Art Museum”, January 9 – February 28.
1966 Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA, “The light of day”, July 27 – September 17.
1932 Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, Andover, PA, “American paintings in New England museums”, May 28 – June 22.
1929 Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA, “Modern American paintings : objective and subjective”, February 3 – 24.
1914 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA, “One hundred and ninth annual exhibition of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts“, February 8 – March 29.

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Related works:
Still life with pottery jars, 1903  [similar composition and color palette.]
– Still life [jug, pot, bottom of kettle], 1920  [similar color palette, technique and use of some of the same still life items.]

ECA notes:
– This painting has wrongly been referred to as Harmonious a name was given to the painting when it was uploaded to the website: http://the-athenaeum.org [[http://www.the-athenaeum.org/art/detail.php?ID=161528]].
– Karysa K. Norris, Curatorial Assistant of the Worcester Art Museum has confirmed provenance, exhibition history, and name via email July 1, 2015.

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