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Emil Carlsen : Still life with black jug, 1931.

December 1, 1932
Emil Carlsen : Still life with black jug, 1931.

ECA Record Control Number: 1183

Archives of American Art #: -none-

Record Level: Item

Record Type: Movable work

Work Title: Still life with black jug

Alternate Work Titles:
1996: Still life with black jug  [from auction catalog]
1935: Black jug  [from gallery catalog]

Work Date: 1931  [date from front of canvas]

Work Creator: Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]

Work Medium: Oil
Work Dimensions: 15 x 15 inches

Inscribed/Signed Front:
Location: At lower left.
Dated: Yes.
Text: ‘Emil Carlsen. 1931.’.

Verso: unknown.

ECA Category: Still Life
ECA Sub-Category: Asian

Archives of American Art Subjects:
Still Life
Still Life — Other
Still Life — Other — Container
Still Life — Other — Cookware

Description of Work:
Square composition of a large black pottery pitcher with single handle, metal spoon or shallow ladle, coffee pot, white cloth on a wooden bench.  In the foreground of the painting is a grey-white washed wood bench with a piece of grey-white washed wood on top and the back part of the handle of the spoon or ladle projecting down left just past the center of the canvas.  In the middle ground of the painting is a white cloth mounded up with the scoop part of the spoon or ladle resting on it.  The spoon or ladle appears to be copper or brass with a steel handle.  Sitting next to it and occupying the largest part of the canvas is a large black pottery pitcher with a single handle.  It sits left of center on the canvas.  In the back ground is a partially displayed coffee pot in copper and brass.  The background color is a grey-green-white wash.  The bench horizon line is approximately one-third from the bottom of the canvas.  [ECA]

1996 Private collection of [unknown] ;
1996 ( Butterfields [1793- ], 580 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022/7601 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046 ) ;
ca.1974 Private collection of [unknown] ;
1966 Private estate of Florence B.G.S. Carlsen [1903-1974], Falls Village, CT, the artist’s son’s wife ;
1958 ( Grand Central Galleries [1923-1994], 40 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York, NY ) ;
before 1966 Private estate of Dines Carlsen [1901-1966], Falls Village, CT, the artist’s son ;
1935 ( Macbeth Gallery [1892-1953], 450 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY ) ;
1932 Private collection of Luella Ruby May Carlsen [c.1869-before 1966], New York, NY, the artist’s wife ;
1931 Emil Carlsen, the artist .

Exhibition History:
1996 Butterfields, New York, NY, “Sale”, [date unknown].
1958 Grand Central Art Gallery, New York, NY, “Memorial exhibition of Emil Carlsen, N. A. 1853-1932“, January 14-25.
1935 Macbeth Gallery, New York, NY, “Still lifes by Emil Carlsen, 1853-1932“, April 23 – May 13.
1932 Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY, “Paintings and sculpture by the Society of Scandinavian American Artists with a memorial group of paintings by Emil Carlsen with works by Dines Carlsen“, April 11 – May 15.

– “Archive of works by Emil Carlsen compiled by Dines Carlsen“, 24 pages, hand-drawn sketches and notes probably by Dines, provided by Linda Hay, ca.1930s.
– Grand Central Art Gallery, New York, NY, exhibition catalog, “Memorial exhibition of Emil Carlsen, N. A. 1853-1932“, January 14-25, 1958, #1, not illustrated.
– Macbeth Gallery, New York, NY, exhibition catalog, “Still lifes by Emil Carlsen, 1853-1932“, April 23 – May 13, 1935, #9, not illustrated.

Related Works:
The copper pot, 1931  [similar composition, subject matter and same year]

ECA Notes:
– Painted in Falls Village, CT in 1931.
– We are unable to locate a catalog for the 1932 Memorial exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum.  It may be because Carlsen had just past and it was all done rather quickly.  For proof of the exhibition and the works shown we are using the museum’s own image of the exhibition and the Archive of Works by Emil Carlsen Compiled by Dines Carlsen which makes notes in the margins of which works were included.  Also it appears that the works shown very closely match the show Carlsen had at the Macbeth Gallery a month before.  We believe these are most probably the ones shown, minus the ones that sold with O Ye of Little Faith which was shown at the National Academy just before as well.

Price History:
1996 – $31,625 USD  [auction]


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