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Emil Carlsen : Still life with copper and onions, printed 1978 from plates executed by Emil Carlsen.

January 1, 1978
Emil Carlsen Still Life with Copper and Onions, printed 1978 from plates executed by Emil Carlsen

Still Life with Copper and Onions, printed 1978 from plates executed by Emil Carlsen
Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]
Hand-made paper  made by Roland Poska & sepia ink (copper plates)
11 x 8.7 cm (plate size) | 4-3/8 x 3-3/8 inches (plate size)
19 x 27 cm (approximate paper size) | 7-1/2 x 10-5/8 inches (approximate paper size)
200 numbered edition sets + 13 publisher proofs (I – XIII)

Printer: Roland Poska/Fishy Wale Press, Milwaukee, WI

Signed: Estate stamped and artist initials on each print and verso blind Fishy Whale blind stamp and signed.  ‘Estate of Florence B. G. S. Carlsen’ and ‘E.C.’.  ‘Fishy Whale’.  ‘Roland Poska’.

Archives of American Art #: -none-

1979 The Brett Michelle Collection, Inc., 321 Brainard Place, 29001 Cedar Road, Cleveland, OH  44124


– “The Brett Mitchell Collection, Inc., Cleveland, OH marketing brochure for the Emil Carlsen posthumous six etching portfolio approved by the Estate of Florence B. G. S. Carlsen“, printed by Roland Poska, Fishy Whale  Press, Milwaukee, MI.
– “Correspondence between University of Louisville, KY professor of Art History, Dario A. Covi, Allen R. Hite Art Institute and University officials for Emil Carlsen etching portfolio“, 1979-1980.

– Posthumously printed from original plates executed by Emil Carlsen with authorization from the artist’s son’s wife Florence B. S. G. Carlsen who inherited the Emil Carlsen Estate when her husband passed.

1979 – $2,800 (for six etchings in the portfolio – Insurance Value)

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