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Emil Carlsen : Summer seas, ca.1920.

January 1, 1920
Emil Carlsen Summer Seas, c.1920

Summer Seas, c.1920
Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]
Oil on cavnas
? x ? inches

Signed: At lower left.  ‘Emil. Carlsen.’.

Archives of American Art #: JUL J0046810

c.1921 unknown
1921 The Macbeth Gallery [1892-1953], 450 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
c.1920 Emil Carlsen [1848-1932], the artist

1921 The Macbeth Gallery, New York, NY, “Recent Paintings by Emil Carlsen, N.A.“, February 9-28.

– New-York Tribune, New York, NY, “Old Works by Jongkind And New Ones by Carlsen“, Sunday, February 13, 1921, page 7, not illustrated.
– The Macbeth Gallery, New York, NY, Exhibition Catalog, “Recent Paintings by Emil Carlsen, N.A.“, February 9-28, 1921, illustrated: b&w.
– Peter A. Juley & Son Collection, Archives and Special Collections, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC, image #JUL J0046810.


– New-York Tribune, New York, NY, “Old Works by Jongkind And New Ones by Carlsen“, Sunday, February 13, 1921, page 7, not illustrated.
…”The present studies seem a shade over wrought, to be a little too “precious,” and in their extreme refinement to have lost some valuable elements of strength.

The transcripts from nature invite similar reflections. There is very gracious art in them, perhaps too much. Take, for example, the Summer Sea. It is well composed. The great cliff on the left is lifted above the water with a true feeling for design. There is fine color in this, too, especially in the sea. But when he comes to paint the cliff Mr. Carlsen works over his surface with much the same solicitude for tone that he shows in his studies of still life. He gets tone, beautiful tone, but in some strange way loses his grasp upon structure and texture, so that what should be a heroically massive cliff is in no wise impressive. The virtue of nature is squeezed out of it. This remains an interesting piece of painting rather than a powerful expression of nature’s mighty truth.”…



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