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Indianapolis News, Indianapolis, IN, “Event of the year at hand at art insitute” by W H Fox, Saturday, November 28, 1908, page 23

November 28, 1908

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Key Title: Event of the year at hand at art insitute

Sub Title: Annual exhibition soon to be opened / Notes on art affairs

Language: English

Author: William Henry Fox [1858-1952]

Publisher: Indianapolis News
Publish Location: Indianapolis, IN

Date of Publication: Saturday, November 28, 1908

Page: 23, not illustrated

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Carlsen, Emil, 1848-1932.

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Indianapolis News, Indianapolis, IN, "Event of the year at hand at art insitute" by W H Fox, Saturday, November 28, 1908, page 23

Indianapolis News, Indianapolis, IN, “Event of the year at hand at art insitute” by W H Fox, Saturday, November 28, 1908, page 23


“Event of the year at hand at art insitute
Annual exhibition soon to be opened
Notes on art affairs

[Written for the news by W H Fox.]
Tomorrow will mark the closing of one of the most varied and instructive exhibitions yet given at the Herron Art Insitute. Next will come the twenty-fourth annual exhibition of the works of American artists at large, the twenty-fourth given under the auspices of the Art Assocaition and the third in the present institute building. It will open with a reception and first view next Saturday afternoon, December 5, to the members of the Art Association and their invited friends. The exhibition will continue until January 4.

With the recollection of the two previous annual exhibitions during the same period last winter and the winter before, with their wealth of high pictorial and sculptural achievement, it is sufficient to say that this winter’s exhibition will be on the same high artistic plane and will contain some of the noblest and most beautiful paintings the American artists have produced, and none which are without merit. Some of them have been sent from Europe and have figured in the two Paris salons of last May, others have been marked attractions of the great periodical exhibitions of this country. Private owners and other art institutes have also contributed to make this exhibition as fine and attractive as the preceding ones. A few rare works by foreign painters may be included.

The friends of the institute, who wish to make these annual exhibitions events of absorbing interest in this community, and the source of a needful influence upon public taste, will do well to see that this exhibition has a larger attendance than that of last year. It should be of interest to the visitors to see and express their opinion as to whether the twenty-fourth annual exhibition will equal or surpass in interest those that have gone before.

Sources of the pictures
The permanent collection of the Albright gallery, Buffalo, Chicago Art Institute, the St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts, the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Toledo museum and the Corcoran gallery, Washington, and among private owners, Richard Watson Gilder, of New York, Booth Tarkington and residents of this city, have responded most generously to the request to place their art treasures at the disposal of the Herron Institute. The result is that some of the most notable of the recent acquisitions of these owners will be seen in the exhibition. Of the painters represented, may be mentioned William M. Chase, J. J. Shannon, the American Royal academician; Miss Mary Cassatt and Miss Cecilia Beaux, the greatest women painters this country has produced; Emil Carlsen, whose still lifes have attracted admiring attention; Charles H. Davis, the landscapist; Will H. Low, whose charming recollections of painting days in France have just appeared in book form; H. O. Tanner, with one of his biblical subjects; W. L. Metcalf, Arthur Hoeber, Ben Foster, J. Alden Weir, will all exhibit. One of the special features of the exhibition will be a collection of works of decoration as applied to architectural embellishment, mural decorations, stained glass windows, chancels, etc., by Charles R. Lamb, Frederick Stymetz Lamb and Ella Condle Lamb, which are of the highest artistic beauty. The exhibition will be open daily during the week from 9 to 5, except on holidays, when it will be open until 6, and Sunday afternoons from 1 until 6. It will also be open on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 until 10. There will be frequent talks on the pictures, both during the week and on Wednesday nights.

The institute will not close during the coming week of preparation. Visitors to the gallery will be able to view the permanent collection, also the Schemm collection, and the display of fine books and bindings which will remain another week.”




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