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Journal and Courier, Lafayette, IN, “Union building art exhibit is open to public”, Saturday, May 8, 1926, page 2, not illustrated

May 8, 1926

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Key Title: Union building art exhibit is open to public

Sub Title: Purdue display of paintings includes works of Chicago and Washington galleries

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Publisher: Journal and Courier
Publish Location: Lafayette, IN

Date of Publication: Saturday, May 8, 1926

Page: 2, not illustrated

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Carlsen, Emil, 1848-1932.

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Journal and Courier, Lafayette, IN, "Union building art exhibit is open to public", Saturday, May 8, 1926, page 2, not illustrated

Journal and Courier, Lafayette, IN, “Union building art exhibit is open to public”, Saturday, May 8, 1926, page 2, not illustrated


Union building art exhibit is open to public
Purdue display of paintings includes works of Chicago and Washington galleries

Art lovers of the community are invited to visit a notable exhibit of paintings at the Memorial Union building, Purdue university, the attractive display including many pictures from the Chicago Galleries association and the American Federation of Arts’ collection in Washington, D. C., as well as the art works belonging to the Lafayette Art association.

The local art association is cooperating with the Memorial Union in this enterprise and the collection of pictures was brought here primarily for the edification of the young people from over the state attending the annual boys’ and girls’ club roundup at Purdue. however, the general public is invited to view the exhibit which will be kept in place until May 14.

The pictures on exhibition, in addition to the collection owned by the Lafayette association, include the following works from the Chicago and Washington galleries.

LaVerne Nelson Black, On the Way to the Rabbit Hunt; Alexander Bower, White Boats; Maurice Braun, Distant Hills; Emil Carlsen, Venice; Ettore Caser, Idle Times in the Country; Gerald Casidy, The Indian’s Land—New Mexico; Mary Susan Collins, Autumn Bouquet; Roy Collins, Fruit; Roy Collins, Mums; Jan Connoway, Winter in the Mountains; Stark Davis, Maccaws and Flowers; Paul Dougherty, Dawn; F Frank Dudley, When Winter Holds Sway; Anna S. Fisher, Still Life Roses; Ben Foster, In the Pine Woods; Alexis Fournier, Eventide; Alexis Fournier, Signs of Autumn; Leon Gaspard, Tiensten.

Robert W. Grafton, Katwyk Haven; Robert W. Grafton, Portrait of George Ade; Robert W. Grafton, Portrait of David E. Ross; Robert W. Grafton, Ryjnsberg Bridge; Oskar Gross, En Passant; Lucie Hartrath, Island Morning; Childe Hassam, Mouth of the Connecticut; Childe Hassam, The Georgian Chair; Adolph Heinze, January Thaw; George Hitchcock, Vespers; Eric Hudson, Open Boats; Rudolph Ingerle, Morning in Hickory-Nut Gap; Paul King, In Camden Harbor; Nellie A. Knopf, Across the Bay, Carmel; Susan Ricker Knox, A Visitor; Hayley Lever, St. Ives; DeWitt Lockman, Peggy; Robert H. Nisbet, Water Fall.

Leonard Ochtman, Meadow Brook; Pauline Palmer, Gateway; Carl Pruessl, Klein Venedig, Bavaria; Henry W. Ranger, Hilltop Road; Arthur G. Rider, Morning; Henry R. Rittenberg, Still Life; Matteo Sandona, Mother and Child; Robert Spencer, The River, March; Gardner Symons, The Winding River; Frederick Tellander, Marine; Charles A. Wilimovsky, On the Eau Claire; Charles H. Woodbury, White Sea.”



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