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Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, PA, “Pictures selected for great exhibit”, Wednesday, April 15, 1908, main edition, page 20, not illustrated

April 15, 1908

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Key Title: Pictures selected for great exhibit here by famous jurors / Pictures selected for great exhibit

Sub Title: More than 50 per cent. of the successful artists are Americans—announcement is made today / Will be on exhibition here for two months

Language: English

Author: staff

Publisher: Pittsburgh Press
Publish Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Date of Publication: Wednesday, April 15, 1908

Page: main edition, page 20, not illustrated

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Carlsen, Emil, 1848-1932.

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Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, PA, "Pictures selected for great exhibit", Wednesday, April 15, 1908, main edition, page 20, not illustrated

Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, PA, “Pictures selected for great exhibit”, Wednesday, April 15, 1908, main edition, page 20, not illustrated

Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, PA, "Pictures selected for great exhibit", Wednesday, April 15, 1908, main edition, page 20, not illustrated

Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, PA, “Pictures selected for great exhibit”, Wednesday, April 15, 1908, main edition, page 20, not illustrated


Pictures selected for great exhibit here by famous jurors

More than 50 per cent. of the successful artists are Americans—announcement is made today

Will be on exhibition here for two months

CAPTION: A Portrait by John Lavery, one of the important pictures named today by the international jury for the exhibition in the carnegie art galleries.

The jury, appointed to select paintings for the international exhibition of paintings at the Carnegie Institute Art Galleries, completed its work late last night. Six hundred and twenty-five paintings were submitted by American and European artists, and from this number the jury selected 350 for the exhibition.

More than 50 per cent of the number chosen are American works and among the paintings, which will figure conspicuously, is a group comprising 19 paintings by Winslow Homer, an American artist. Director John W. Beatty believes the exhibition will maintain a standard as high as any former exhibition. The prize winning pictures will be announced on Founder’s Day. The paintings will be on exhibit for two months, opening on April 30.

Successful artists.
Following are the successful artists and the paintings accepted:
Jules Adler, The Night Watch.
Carl Albrecht, Flowers and Fruit.
Robert W. Allan, The Rising Tide, Fuji, Japan.
C. Harry Allis, The Church of St. Sauloc, etc.
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, The Ever New Horizon.
Karl Anderson, Young Lady With Blue Coat.
F. M. Armington, The Garden of Tutlleries.
James Aumonier, Near Chard, Somersetshire: On Ambersham Common.
A Baertsoen, Pays D’Industrie sous la Neige.
Frederic Clay Barlett, Roman Afternoon.
James Prinsep Beadle, Milking Time in Wiltshire Meadows; After Rain in Manoeuvres.
Gifford Beal, The Cascade; Summer by the Sea.
George Bellows, Pennsylvania Excavation; A Stag at Sharkey’s.
Frank W. Benson, Decorative Panel.
J. Bernaud, Les Abonnes: The Subscribers.
Louis Betts, Sunkissed.
Rene Billotte, Misty Day at Frey, Europe.
Charles Bittinger, Madame Du Barry; Bibliotheque du Dauphin; L’Oeilocd, Boeuf (Versailles).
Harriet Blackstone, A Soldier of Crimea.
J. E. Blanche, Venetian Glass; Portrait of Thomas Hardy.
George H. Bocert, Moonlight; French Village.
Joseph H. Boston, Afternoon; Amenia; New York.
J. F. Bouchor, Maria, the Milkmaid; Frohouse.
Bernard Boutet de Monvel, The Legend of St. Nicolas, etc.
Olga de Bonznanska, Portrait of the Painter Flirsienberg.
Frank Bramley, By the Fireside.
Frederic A. Bridgeman, Return from the Marked Ball.
Arnesby Brown, The Waterway.
Austen T. Brown, Returning to the Fold.
William Godney Bunce, Morning in Venice; Evening in Venice.
Rupert C. W. Bunny, At the Window.
George Buysse, Before Sunrise; Moonrise; Snow.
I. H. Caliga, The Music Hour; Lady in Furs.
Emil Carlsen, Surf; Still Life.
Claudio Castelucho, Portrait of Miss M. M. C.
William M. Chase, Portrait of Alfred Stiegletz.
Charlotte Chauchet-Guillere, Portrait of Miss J. C.
Jean Adolphe Chudant, White Christmas.
Beppe Clardi, Clouds Before the Wind.
Max Clarenbach, Quiet Day.
Freeman Clark, O Happy Days of Innocence and Ease.
Emile Claus, Sunrise: February.
Charlotte B. Cohen, The Babbling Brook.
Colin Campbell Cooper, The Fates: Holland.
Paul Cornoyer, Hazy Morning, Fiftty-ninth Street, New York.
Alice V. Corson, Lady with a Shawl.
Charles Cottet, Portrait of Young Girl with Amber Necklace.

Other Paintings.
Kenyon Cox, A Book of Verses.
Louise Cox, Breakfast; Little Miss M.
Allan C. Cram, Timberline Cedars.
Bruce Crane, Departing Winter; Autumn Uplands.
Charles C. Curran, The Summer Breeze.
Elliott Daingerfield, The Poacher; The Valley of the Dragon.
Andre Dauchez, Stormy Weather.
Charles H. Davis, Clouds at Sunset; Clouds and Hills.
Joseph Benjamin Davol, Clearing After Storm; Moonlight.
Angelo Delasalle, The Repast.
Thomas W. Dewing, The Necklace.
Ludwig Dill, Inundation, Etc.
Parke C. Dougherty, Winter.
Paul Dougherty, The Surf Ring.
J. R. K. Duff, The Hillside.
Edward Dufner, The Reader.
Julien Dupre, The Meadow (The Prairie).
Charles Duvent, The Merchants of the Rialto.
Thomas Eakins, Portrait of a Clergyman.
Alfred East, Haru-No-Yuki: Snow in Spring; Between Dawn and Daylight.
Lydia E. Emmet, Father and Son.
J. D. Ferguson, Dieppe: 14 Julliet, 1905.
S. Melton Fisher, Ballerina.
Henry Floyd, Portrait of a Young Lady.
Will Howe Foote, Wind and Snow.
Stanhope A. Forbes, Madame Gilardoni.
Ben Foster, Misty Moonrise.
A. M. Foweraker, A Devonshire Village.
Leon Frederic, The Lacemaker; The Lesson in Knitting.
Carl Frieseke, Lady on Gold Couch.
Charles Fromuth Snow, Low Tide and a Dark, Desolate Day; The Sea: Movement, Action.
Daniel Garber, Quarries at Byram.
L. R. Garrido, Fisherfolk.
Lillian Matilde, Bird Song; Portrait of Helen Parker.
Albert D. Gihon, On the Canel of Nemours.
Clarence M. Gihon, Autumn Afternoon.
Louis E. Gillot, Rouen: The Towboats; Campo Morisini; Effect of Shower.
Emilio Gola, Along the Naviglio.
A. H. Gorson, Pittsburg.
Marc Arnold Gorter, The Road in the Forest.
Albert Gosselin, Souvenir of Brittany.
Thomas Cooper Gotch, The Return from the Paegant; Mending the Damask Cloth.
W. Granville-Smith, Moonlight Shadows.
Albert L. Groll, The Ruins of Awatobi, Arizona; Silver Clouds, Arizona.
Charles P. Gruppe, Milking Time.
Ferdinand Gueldry, Launching the Outrigger.
Francois Guiguet, A Young Woman.
is Y. Lee Hankey, Moonlight in Summertime.
Birgo Harrison, Evening Lights.
George Hart, Landscape: Meulau.

Pictures by Hassam.
Childe Hassam, The Bowl of Nasturtiums; October, Old Lyme.
Charles W. Hawthorne, Elijah in the Desert; Venetian Girl.
William F. Henderson, Alice Corbin; Gold, Orange and Black.
Robert Henri, Girl in Yellow Satin Dress; Portrait of Miss Edith Reynolds.
Howard Logan Hildebrandt, Last of the Catch.
Charles Hoffbauer, La Deroute.
Harry L. Hoffman, Cranberry Breaker; Hazelton, Pennsylvania.
Winslow Homer, Hark, the Lark; The Fisher Girl; On a Lee Shore; Early Evening.
James R. Hopkins, En Toque.
William S. Horton, The Poplars, Evening.
Ulrich Hubner, Docklanding.
Theodore Hummel, Italian Child.
Wilson H. Irvine, Old New England Pastures.
Pierre-Georges Jeanniot, Music; Summer Morning.
John C. Johansen, Child Bathing; The Prelude.
M. Jean McLane Johansen, A Visitor.
F. Morton Johnson, Still Life.
Arthur Kampf, In the Variety Theater; Before the Mirror; Acrobat.
David Karfunkle, Children Burning Leaves.
James Kay, Winter in a Mining Village; Scotland; The Clyde at Glasgow.
Lucy Kemp Welch, What Comes?
Rockwell Kent, An Ocean Headland; Toiling on the Sea.
J. H. Keever, The Cradle.
Alexander Koester, Feeding Time.
Hugo Koenig, The Shephard.
Augustus Koopman, Niagara Falls, the American Side.
Constantin Kousmetzoff, Rocks of Cape Frehel, Brittany.
Carl Kuestner, Village Street.
John La Farge, Adoration; The Centauress; Mana: A Samoan Boy.
P. A. Laszio, His Eminence Cardinal Rampolla.
W. L. Lathrop, Bare Fields.
Gaston La Touche, Entr Acte in a Theater; Meeting of Friends.
John Lavery, Vara Christie.
Ernest Lawson, Summer.
Albert Lechat, Decheance; Little City; Place a Abbeville, Somme.
Henri Le Sidamer, The Grand Canal; Moonlight.
Jonas Lie, Winter.”



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