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Washington Times, Washington, DC, “Extended season pleases artists”, Sunday, June 30, 1907, first edition, page 34, not illustrated

June 30, 1907

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Key Title: Extended season pleases artists

Sub Title: Exhibitions to continue all summer in Buffalo and Worcester, Mass.

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Publisher: Washington Times
Publish Location: Washington, DC

Date of Publication: Sunday, June 30, 1907

Page: first edition, page 34, not illustrated

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Carlsen, Emil, 1848-1932.

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Washington Times, Washington, DC, "Extended season pleases artists", Sunday, June 30, 1907, first edition, page 34, not illustrated.

Washington Times, Washington, DC, “Extended season pleases artists”, Sunday, June 30, 1907, first edition, page 34, not illustrated.


“Extended season pleases artists
Exhibitions to continue all summer in Buffalo and Worcester, Mass.

The closing of the art season with the commencement of the heated term seems to be a custom founded upon the theory that the artist from his intense love of nature, departs from his city studio with the passing of his snows and winter’s cold, and occupies the time until the coming of the inclement weather of the autumn in a close application to study direct from nature. If art is solely for the artist, it matters but little whether the artist works amid the greater solitudes of nature, or the greater solitudes of his city studio during the period when the well-to-do and transient population of a large city are spending their time in the search of rest, health, or recreation.

lt is gratifying to know that in the cities of Buffalo, N.Y., and Worcester, Mass., exhibitions are now in progress which will continue during the summer season, and practically contlnue until the opening of the art schools in the fall. At Worcester, Mass., 164 pictures have been placed on exhibition, and the list of artists represented includes such familiar names as Childe Hassam, Horatio Walker, F. Luis Mora, Herman D. Murphy, Edward W. Redfleid, Thomas W. Dewing, Charles Warren Eaton, Albert L. Groll, William Keith, John LaFarge, Charles H. Davis, Willard L. Metcalf, Arthur Hoeber, Charles C. Curran, Adelaide Cole Chase, and Philip L. Hale.

The exhibition at Buffalo is also representative of the work of many notable American painters. Among the pictures on exhibition are some whlch were shown in Washington last February at the contemporary exhibition of oil painting by American artists. Conspicuous among the pictures formerly seen in Washlngton is Surf, by Emil Carlsen, a large painting which occupied the central wall space on the north wall of Gallery G. This is receiving in Buffalo a high degree of commendation. Among other exhibitors at Buffalo are Charles Melville Dewey, Leonard Ochtman, Cecillia Beaux, Bruce Crane, Edward H. Potthast, Edward W. Redfield, Frederick Ballard Williams, William T. Smedley, and Charles Herbert Woodbury.

Even Washington is departing some what from the early closing habit. The Corcoran Gallery of Art will remain open this season on week days until July 15, and will reopen September 20. In former years it has been the custom to close the Corcoran Gallery July 1, and to continue the vacation perlod until October 1. Without attemptlng to flnd the reason, the principal cause of congratulation is that Washington and the visiting public will have nearly an entire month more than usuaI to enjoy the art works in the Corcoran Gallery.”



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