American Still-Life Painting of the Nineteenth Century


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ECA Record Control Number: 17208

Record Level: Listing

Record Type: Exhibition Catalog

Library of Congress Call Number: 2008900982

ISBN: -none-

Key Title: American Still-Life Painting of the Nineteenth Century

Sub Title: April 14-June 6, 2008

Language: English

Author: Thomas Quick

Publisher: Godel & Co., Inc.
Publish Location: New York, NY

Date of Publication: 2008

Description: 79 p.: col. ill. ; 28 cm.

Table of Contents:
John White Alexander [1856-1915]
William Mason Brown [1828-1898]
Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]
Jean-Simeon Chardin [1699-1779]
William Merritt Chase [1849-1916]
Pieter Claesz [1590-1661]
Juan Sanchez Cotan [1560-1627]
Joseph Frank Currier [1843-1909]
Joseph Decker [1853-1924]
Robert Spear Dunning [1829-1905]
George Forster [1817-1896]
John F. Francis [1808-1886]
Richard La Barre Goodwin [1840-1910]
Virginia Granbery [1831-1921]
George Henry Hall [1825-1913]
John Harberle [1853-1933]
William Michael Harnett [1848-1892]
Childe Hassam [1859-1935]
Martin Johnson Heade [1819-1904]
Claude Raguet Hirst [1855-1942]
Thomas Henry Hope [1832-1926]
William Henry Hunt [1790-1864]
Jan van Huysum [1682-1749]
John La Farge [1835-1910]
Paul Lacroix [1827-1869]
George Cochran Lambdin [1830-1896]
Alberta Binford McCloskey [ca.1855-1911]
Albert F. Munroe [1844-1925]
James Peale [1749-1831]
Raphelle Peale [1774-1825]
John Frederick Peto [1854-1907]
Levi Wells Prentice [1851-1935]
Johann Wilhelm Preyer [1803-1889]
Carducius Plantagenet Ream [1837-1917]
Severin Roesen [ca.1815-ca.1872]
Aaron Draper Shattuck [1832-1928]
Antoine Vollon [1833-1900]
Andrew John Henry Way [1826-1888]

Library of Congress Subjects:
Still-life painting, American–19th century–Exhibitions.

Number of copies: 1

Digitized: Yes


American Still-Life Painting of The Nineteenth Century Godel and Co, 2008
American Still-Life Painting of The Nineteenth Century Godel and Co, 2008


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December 29, 2016

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December 29, 2016

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