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ECA Record Control Number: 18131

Record Level: Listing

Record Type: Catalog

Library of Congress Call Number:  -none-

ISBN: -none-

Key Title: [The Greenwich Gallery—Collateral]

Sub Title: -none-

Language: English

Author: The Greenwich Gallery

Publisher: The Greenwich Gallery
Publish Location: Greenwich, CT

Date of Publication: ca.1995

Description: 32 p. ; ill. col.

Table of Contents:
Andre, Benjamin-Marie-Albert [1869-1954]
Bricher, Alfred Thompson [1837-1908]
Bridgman, Frederick Arthur [1847-1928]
Bruestle, George [1871-1939]
Buchel, Charles A [1872-1950]
Carles, Arthur Beecher [1882-1952]
Carlsen, Dines [1901-1966]
Carlsen, Soren Emil [1853-1932]
Curran, Charles Courtney [1861-1937]
D’Espagnat, George [1870-1950]
Durand, Gabriel Dominique [1812-1880]
Freer, Frederick Warren [1849-1908]
Hale, Philip Leslie [1865-1931]
Hazard, Arthur Merton [1872-1930]
Hills, Laura Coombs [1859-1952]
Irvine, Henry Wilson [1869-1936]
Jacobsen, Antonio Nicolo Gaspara [1856-1921]
Jones, Hugh Bolton [1848-1927]
Knapp, Charles W [1823-1900]
Maufra, Maxime-Emile-Louis [1861-1918]
Palmer, Walter Launt [1854-1932]
Pleyssier, Ary  [1809-1879]
Puigaudeau, Ferdinand Loyen Du [1864-1930]
Richards, William Trost [1833-1905]
Ritman, Louis [1889-1963]
Sheppard, Warren [1856-1937]
Smith, Gladys Nelson [1890-1980]
Stull, Henry [1851-1913]
Titcomb, Mary Bradish [1858-1927]
Tucker, Allen [1866-1939]
Vonnoh, Robert [1858-1933]
Waugh, Frederick Judd [1861-1940]

Library of Congress Subjects:
Painting, American–Exhibitions.
Artists–United States.

Number of copies: 1

Digitized: yes


The Greenwich Gallery, Greenwich, CT, “Gallery Collateral”, ca.1995, illustrated: color on page 22
The Greenwich Gallery, Greenwich, CT, “Gallery Collateral”, ca.1995, illustrated: color on page 22


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Original compiled and researched document by the Emil Carlsen Archives, 266 West 21st Street, Suite 4E, New York, NY 10011.

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Creative Commons Corporation  shareAlike (sa) license.  Some of the information contained within this document may hold further publication restrictions depending on final use.  It is the responsibility of the researcher to determine.

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The author of this artwork died more than 70 years ago. According to U.S. Copyright Law, copyright expires 70 years after the author’s death. In other countries, legislation may differ.

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January 18, 2017

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January 18, 2017

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