The Spirit of America


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ECA Record Control Number: 17148

Record Level: Listing

Record Type: Exhibition Catalog

Library of Congress Call Number: ND210 .S65 2002

ISBN: 0945936524

Key Title: The Spirit of America

Sub Title: American Art from 1829 to 1970

Language: English

Author: Spanierman Gallery, LLC.

Publisher: Spanierman Gallery, LLC
Publish Location: New York, NY

Date of Publication: 2002

Description: [128] p. : chiefly col. ill. ; 32 cm.

Table of Contents:
Bellows, George, cat. 37
Benson, Frank W., cat. 38
Bierstadt, Albert, cats. 3,4.5
Bogdanove, Abraham J., cat. 78
Boston School, cat. 40
Briscoe, Franklin D., cats. 27,28
Brown, George Loring, cat. 26
Carlsen, Emil, cat. 55
Chase, William Merritt, cats. 43.44
Chatterton, Clarence K., cat. 70
Christy, Howard Chandler, cat. 47
Church, Frederic Edwin, cat. 7
Clough, George Lafayette, cat. 23
Colin, Maximilien, cat. 33
Cornoyer, Paul, cat. 39
Criss, Francis Hyman, cat. 88
Cropsey, Jasper Francis, cat. 9
Davies, Arthur Bowen, cat. 36
Dawson-Watson, Dawson, cat. 52
De Kooning, Willem, cats. 87,89,90
De Longpre, Paul, cat. 67
De Longpre, Raoul, cat. 68
Dewing, Thomas W., cat. 49
Dow, Arthur Wesley, cats. 60,62
Dubreuil, Victor, cat. 29
Eaton, Charles Warren, cat. 56
Forsyth, WiUiam, cat. 80
Fournier, Alexis Jean, cat. 54
Gallagher, Sears, cat. 74
Gerry, Samuel Lancaster, cat. 24
Gifford, Sanford Robinson, cat. 15
Gruppe, Emile A., cat. 79
Gunn, Edwin H., cat. 65
Hale, Philip Leslie, cat. 50
Hassam, Childe, cats. 48,51.53
Heade, Martin Johnson, cat. 10
Inness, George, cats. 16,20,21,22,25
Johnson, David, cat. 18
Jones, Hugh Bolton, cat. 19
Kensett, John E, cat. 11
Kent, Rockwell, cat. 84
Knight, Daniel Ridgway, cat. 35
La Farge, John, cat. 17
Lathrop, William Langson, cats. 76,77
Lie, Jonas, cat. 86
MacKnight, Dodge, cat. 72
Martin, Fletcher, cat. 82
Mellen, Mary Blood, cat. 1
Metcalf, Willard L., cat. 46
Moeller, Louis Charles, cat. 34
Moran, Thomas, cats. 8,12,13,14
Murphy, John Francis, cat. 57
Owen, Robert Emmett, cat. 81
Peale, James, cat. 2
Pope, Alexander, cat. 30
Potthast, Edward Henry, cats. 63,64
Prentice, Levi Wells, cat. 31
Pushman, Hovsep, cat. 69
Ranney, William T., cat. 6
Raphael, Joseph, cat. 66
Robinson, Theodore, cat. 45
Roesen, Severin, cat. 32
Ryder, Albert Pinkham, cat. 59
Ryder, Chauncey E, cat. 61
Starkweather, William, cat. 85
Sykes, Annie Gooding, cat. 75
Tryon, Dwight William, cat. 58
Twachtman, John H., cats. 41.42
Weaver, Robert Edward, cat. 83
Whorf, John, cat. 73
Wiggins, Guy Carleton, cat. 71

Library of Congress Subjects:
Painting, American—19th century—Exhibitions.
Painting, American—20th century—Exhibitions.

Number of copies: 1

Digitized: Yes


The Spirit of America Spanierman Gallery 2002
The Spirit of America Spanierman Gallery 2002

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Original compiled and researched document by the Emil Carlsen Archives, 266 West 21st Street, Suite 4E, New York, NY 10011.

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Creative Commons Corporation  shareAlike (sa) license.  Some of the information contained within this document may hold further publication restrictions depending on final use.  It is the responsibility of the researcher to determine.

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The author of this artwork died more than 70 years ago. According to U.S. Copyright Law, copyright expires 70 years after the author’s death. In other countries, legislation may differ.

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December 27, 2016

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December 27, 2016

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