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ECA control number: 28023 (old #22069)

Record level: Listing

Record type: Timeline year

Artist time line: Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]

Year: 1875

Subject age: 27 years old

United States—Illinois—Chicago

World news:

Local news:

– Carlsen is offered a job teaching at the newly formed Chicago Art Institute by artist Leonard Wells Volk (1828-1895).
– Emil enjoys teaching but meets fellow artist Lawrence Carmichael Earle (1845-1921) who encourages Carlsen to go to Paris to study art
– Emil leaves around February or March to Denmark and stays about one month before going to Paris, France to study
– Carlsen goes to Paris in around April or May for six months until his money ran out.

Paintings (4) :
– On the Atlantic, 1875.   [This is most probably Denmark in February/March]
– The steamship Eclipse, ca.1875.  [Based on reports filed by David Gray, Captain of the steamship Eclipse, it appears that he traveled in polar waters near Denmark around March.
– Red carnations and delft, 1875.  [The painting is most probably from Paris when Emil Carlsen arrived in about April/May]
– Red carnations, ca.1875. [This painting is most probably from Paris when Emil Carlsen arrived in about April/May]

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