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ECA control number: 28024 (old #21929)

Record level: Listing

Record type: Timeline year

Artist time line: Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]

Year: 1879

Subject age: 31 years old

United States—Massachusetts—Boston

World news:

Local news:

– In 1879 money was so tight, that Emil, Kenyon Cox and RA Blakelock would “…scrounge about for a few vegetables and throw them in a pot over the fire for dinner”  Citation: The unknown night : the genius and madness of R. A. Blakelockan American painter by Glyn Vincent, December 1, 2007, Grove/Atalantic, Inc.
– Emil held a sale through a local auction house of his paintings, 30 in all, and after the auction owed the auction house money.
– Emil looses his studio after the auction.
– Carlsen take a job working for various engravers including: John A. Lowell and Stephen Alonzo Schoff [1818 -1904].
– May of 1879 it is reported in the Boston Post “Art notes” that “…S. Emil Carlsen is making coast studies about Gloucester for a large picture he has on the easel…”

Paintings/drawings (3) :
– Nathaniel Hawthorne (Etching), 1879  [Drawing from when Carlsen worked for Stephen Alonzo Schoff [1818 -1904]]
– Last summers shoes (Etching), 1879  [Drawing from when Carlsen worked for Stephen Alonzo Schoff [1818 -1904]]
– Marine, ca.1879.  [We believe this is the large easel painting referred to in a May 1, 1879 article from the Boston Post]

Exhibitions (0) :
– none known –

Articles (1) :
– Boston Post, Boston, MA, “Art notes”, Thursday, May 1, 1879, page 3, not illustrated.

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