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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Emil Carlsen : Still life with dead game, 1925.

Emil Carlsen : Still life with dead game, 1925.
Emil Carlsen : Still life with dead game, 1925.


ECA Record Control Number: 28332 (old #2119)

Archives of American Art #: 6151A531

Record Level: Item

Record Type: Movable Work

Work Title: Still life with dead game

Alternate Work Titles:
1964 or 1988:  Still life with dead game [from auction catalog]

Work Date: 1925  [unclear where the date comes from]

Work Creator: Emil Carlsen [1848-1932]

Work Medium: Oil on canvas
Work Dimensions: 25 x 35 inches

Inscribed/Signed Front:
Location: At lower right.
Dated: No.
Text: ‘Emil. Carlsen.’.

Verso: unknown.

ECA Category: Still Life
ECA Sub-Category: Game

Archives of American Art Subjects:
Animal — Bird
Animal — Bird — Duck
Still Life — Game
Still Life — Game — Bird
Still Life — Other
Still Life — Other — Container
Still Life — Other — Cookware

Description of Work:
Horizontal composition of dead duck, metal side handle measuring cup, butcher stone (or meat) and jug.  White dead duck laid on its side in painting left and center foreground.  Metal side handle measuring cup at left-center, butcher stone (or meat) at right center and jug partially shown at right mid-ground.  Painting background and still life base nondescript. [based on black and white image]

1988 Private collection of [unknown] ;
1988 ( Sotheby’s [1744- ], 1334 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021 ) ;
1964 Private collection of [unknown] ;
1964 ( Sotheby’s [1744- ], 1334 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021 ) ;
before 1964 Private collection of [unknown]
1925 Emil Carlsen [1848-1932], the artist .

Exhibition History:
1988 Sotheby’s, New York, NY, “Sale”, March 17.
1964 Sotheby’s, New York, NY, “Sale”, January 29.

– Sotheby’s, New York, NY, sale catalog, “Sale”, March 17, 1988, lot #205.
– Sotheby’s, New York, NY, sale catalog, “Sale #2251”, January 29, 1964, lot #65.

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ECA Notes:

Price History:
1988 – $5,500 USD
1964 – ?


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February 7, 2014

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